Thursday, 22 September 2016

21 Goals on my 21st Birthday

Hello everyone!

Today, on my 21st birthday, I want to talk about the 21 goals I have for myself for the next 365 days.

1) Worry less.

2) Foster the relationships that make me happy.

3) Be rid of the relationships that don't.

4) Stop letting jealousy cloud my life.

5) Dance more.

6) Sing more.

7) Read more things that aren't for school.

8) Do more of what makes me happy.

9) Stop trying to force myself to socialize when I want to introvert.

10) Spend less money on things that don't matter.

11) Spend less time on things that don't matter.

12) Go on a trip by myself.

13) Go on a trip with someone else.

14) Apply to post-graduate programs (and get in!)

15) Be the best student I can be.

16) Be the best friend/girlfriend/sister/daughter/niece/cousin/granddaughter I can be.

17) Be the best teacher I can be for my last year working at the music studio.

18) Improve my overall attitude (I worked on that a lot this past year too).

19) Grow my hair to my butt.

20) Chop it all off.

21) Embrace and love the life I have been blessed with.

Let me know what your goals are for yourself right now in the comments, and don't forget that anything you aren't happy with can always be changed, there is always a way.


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