Thursday, 4 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 4: Aerie Bralettes: Buy or Bye?

Hello everyone!

I'm coming at you with a different post today.  I don't tend to talk about fashion a lot on my blog, but the whole point of BEDA (for me) is to explore new types of posts.

Today, I'm stepping out of mmy usual zone and talking about the Aerie bralettes.  I bought three  over a month ago, all in different styles, and I'm going to give you a breakdown of each style, and tell you my thoughts on the Aerie bralettes in general.

For the record, I am a 32DD.  I never thought I could wear these.  But let's be real, in summer no girl wants to be wearing a full bra, especially when it's hot af out.  So I decided to just take a chance, and try these out.   The employee at the store fitted me as a large in these bralettes.

See it on the Aerie model HERE.
The first style I have is the Boho Plunge bralette, which regularly retails for $35.15 (it's worth mentioning, I got mine on sale).  This is my favourite one that I bought.  It fits really well, and my chest still feels really secure in this, even though there's no padding or underwire.  I love wearing this underneath a long flowy tank top, because the lace peeks out and looks so cute.  This raspberry shade is amazing too.

This is impossible to get a good photo of because of the straps, but you can see it on the Aerie model HERE.
The second style I bought is the lace Cross-Back style ($29.93).  This is the most secure of the bunch, and I find myself wearing it the most.  It's super comfortable, and the grey colour goes with everything.  I wear this one like a regular bra most days, it's infinitely more comfortable but does a similar job.  Again, there's no padding or underwire in these, just elastic.

See it on the Aerie model HERE.
The third style I bought is the Racerback style ($35.15), and i have to say it's the only one I'm not a fan of.  If I went down a size, this might be better, but I find it too loose.  There is zero support, and my chest does not feel secure.  I'm not going to wear this if I'm going on a run, that's for sure!  I also find the cups on this one are oddly shaped, making your boobs looks pointy (helloooo, Madonna!)

The only thing I want to add on to this review is to watch what colour you get.  The light pink racerback is fairly see-through, which I really don't like.  The other two are fine, but the lighter colours you need to watch out for.

Ultimately, I'll be buying more of these for sure.  I wouldn't buy the racerback style again, but the other two I would purchase in a heartbeat.  I also really want to try out the halter and classic styles, so I'll be looking out for a good sale!

I hope you found this helpful!  See you tomorrow with another post!


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