Wednesday, 10 August 2016

B.E.D.A. Day 10: The Club Obsession

Hello everyone!

Recently, I've become obssessed with MAC Cosmetic's eyeshadow in the shade Club.

The website describes this as a "red-brown with green pearl" and it's a satin finish.

This eyeshadow is stunning.  It has this beautiful red-brown base, but the duo-chrome is an almost blue-green shimmer.  I've seen so many people wearing this alone on the lid, blended out with a simple matte brown shade, and it looks so stunning.

Myself, I like to keep the eye makeup fairly simple.  However, the reason I like this shade so much is because it makes my eyes pop.  My eye shade fluctuates from a deep, dark brown to green (it's really strange).  This shade can make my eyes pop no matter what shade they are.  The red tones compliment brown and green eyes and really make your eyes the central feature of your makeup look.

Thus, I wear this alot.  I tend to take a small pencil brush (or something similar) and blend this right up close to the lower lash line, smoking it out slightly, but not too much for everyday.  I keep the rest of my eye makeup simple, and amp up the lashes, and that (for me) is the perfect way to use this.

As with most MAC shadows, the pigmentation is fabulous, the lasting power is great, it doesn't crease, and it blends like a dream with minimal fallout.

The best has been saved for last.  MAC has decreased the price of their single refill pans to $8.  If you have a Z-palette, a MAC palette, or even DIY one, these shadows have the magnet attached and can be popped right in.  They are so affordable, I have drugstore single pans that have cost more!

I hope you found this review helpful, I'll see you soon with another post.


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