Monday, 18 July 2016

Babbling Book Reviews: The Birth House

Hello everyone!

I've been back to reading with a voracious appetite, and I recently stumbled across this book.  "The Birth House" was Ami McKay's debut novel, and what a fabulous way to make an entrance into the world of authorship!

This heartwarming, empowering story of a midwife during the WWI era is a story of struggle and empowerment.  It highlights the struggle of midwife against doctor, woman against man, and those who are different against those who judge them.  It is heartwarming, it is empowering, it bring joys and it brings sadness.  I can't recommend it enough.  You will cheer for Dora as she makes her way through the novel.

What makes this book so good is its authenticity.  It utilizes real places, real social issues, and real scenarios to bring a sense of realness to the plot.

If you are interested in reading "The Birth House", it's one I would highly recommend.


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