Saturday, 28 May 2016

Makeup May: Week 4 Results

Hello everyone!

Let's see how the final week of Makeup May went, shall we?

First up was the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation.  This was pretty good.  It gave a really natural, light-coverage finish and looked amazing on the skin.  However, my skin is a little bit oily and as a result this slipped around a lot on me.  I'll keep this for when my skin dries out a bit, but for anyone oily I wouldn't recommend this.

Verdict: Keep

The other disappointing product this week was the eyeliner.  It had a very shiny, almost rubbery finish which is definitely not what I like.  I would like this a lot more if it was matte, and if it lasted longer. I found this dried and flaked/peeled off pretty badly.  However, the brush on this is AWESOME.

Verdict: Toss

The blush was actually pretty good.  I'll be keeping this for days when I want very little, very natural blush.  The shade barely shows up on my skin now that I'm a little more tanned.  It will be perfect when I'm pale for a flush of colour, but for now it's a lightly shimmery very subtle blush.

The powder does have some shimmer, but it's not grainy, and it's all very finely milled and soft.  While it's not the same as the regular essence blushes, it's still a very good product.

Verdict: Keep

And finally, the L'Oreal lipstick.  I hate the smell of this, but I love the colour.  I have such a love/hate with L'Oreal lipsticks, I can only stand them if the colour is just perfect and in this case, I think the colour wins out over the horrible smell.

Verdict: This shade is a keeper

And that's it!  I hope you loved Makeup May, if you did or if you have any suggestions please comment them below!  I look forward to seeing you all soon!


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