Saturday, 14 May 2016

Makeup May: Week 2 Results

The results are in from this week's round of product testing!

MAC Velvet Teddy: I have to be honest, I'm not super keen on the formula of this.  It's a very creamy matte, and I find it moves around and looks strange on my lips.  Plus, the shade isn't great for me.  BUT.  I can fix all of these problems with a lip gloss (I have been using the Essence ones) and then I LOVE this.  Now that I've figured out how to make it work, I'll definitely be keeping it!

Verdict: Keep

Creme Smudge Brush: This was bad.  The bristles were very stiff and pointy, and didn't blend well.  The bristles also really irritated my under eyes when I tried to smoke out the lower lashline.

Verdict: Toss

Hard Candy Highlighting Duo: I really liked this!  It isn't super pigmented, but it isn't glittery either.  It gives you a beautiful wash of glow to you skin that is nice and natural.  I will definitely be using this more throughout the summer!

Verdict: Keep!

H&M Eyeshadow Palette (Super Naturals): I have a few issues with this palette.

First, the colours aren't very pigmented, and are very powdery. They are no where near the quality of the single pan shadows (which I love!)  In addition, this palette has TWO matte shades, so it's nearly impossible to do a full eye look using only this palette.  And finally, some of the glittery shades are so chunky that they are basically unusable (the black at the far right of the center row, I'm looking at you!)

I do like the shades, and I will probably keep the palette because of that, but I would definitely not recommend this to anyone.  If you see a colour you really like, see if there's a single pan shade that's the same of similar.  This just isn't that good.

Verdict: Do not recommend 

GOSH Golden Moss Eyeliner: Okay, I realized a couple things with this.  A) This was in by Makeup May last year and I haven't touched it since... B) It's super old and C) They don't make this colour anymore.  While it's nice, I feel uncomfortable using it any more because I've had it for SO long.

Verdict: Toss

Sephora Tranquil Sculpting Powder: Okay, this was my mistake.  This shade is WAY too gray on me.  That isn't to say it's a bad product, it blends well and it's not so pigmented that you overdo it.  It gives you the perfect shadow really easily.  But the shade is not for me.

Verdict: Toss, but it's not a bad product

So that's it for week two!  Let me know if you've tried any of these products and what your thoughts were!


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