Saturday, 7 May 2016

Makeup May: Week 1 Results

Hi everyone!

This was actually a really good week!  I'm really excited to share the products and how they performed with you.

First up is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector.  I have to admit, I'm still not a fan of liquid highlighters.  Give me powder any day!  However, the shade of this is perfect for me.  I might have to buy the pressed version in Opal, because I really do like the shade.  I would recommend using this under foundation, rather than on top of it (I found my foundation broke up a little bit when I put it on top), but even then the glow it gives is very subtle.  I was constantly putting a powder version on top of it to get the glowy look I wanted.

Verdict: Bye (gonna buy the pressed version)

The NYC blush was a pleasant surprise as well.  It is VERY powdery and doesn't have the smoothest texture, but it looks stunning on the cheeks.  The pigmentation is also great.  However, I didn't find this very easy to blend out, it looked really patchy and took a lot of work to make look nice.  I personally prefer the Wet n Wild blushes, which are about the same price.

Verdict: Probably gonna toss.

With that blush, I actually used the Duo Fiber brush from Real Techniques.  I found it didn't do a great job of blending the product in, and I really didn't enjoy using it.  I wouldn't buy this brush individually for sure.

I did like the duo fiber brush for applying a light layer of powder, however.  I found it nicely set my makeup without getting too much powder on my face.  So for that purpose, I didn't mind it.

Verdict: Meh. I'll keep it, but I wouldn't buy it on it's own.

As for the eyeshadows, they all were winners for me.  The MAC shade in the crease was fabulous with the other two colours on the lid.  All three were super pigmented, blended really well, and just all-around impressed me.

The H&M shades (Russet Rose and Ginger Snap) aren't ones I will reach for often, but after testing them I'm going to try and use them more.  They are stunning shades!

The MAC eyeshadoes (Havana) does not translate on the eye as it does in swatches or in the pan, just be aware of that.  However, that doesn't make it any less of a stunning shade!

Verdict: KEEP!

And finally, the Multi-Use brush.  Again, this was a pleasant surprise.  Unlike most Spa Resource brushes, this didn't shed bristles everywhere.  I used it with a couple kinds of foundation, and I really liked how it applied them.  It blended foundation and concealer really well.  I tried this with powder, and actually didn't mind it for that either (although it did apply a lot, so only use it for powder if you like a VERY matte complexion).  Overall, this was just great for blending liquid and powder products, and I will be using it much more often!

Verdict: Keep!

Alright, so week 1 was a success!  Come back tomorrow to see what the next 7 days hold!


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