Sunday, 1 May 2016

Makeup May: Week 1 Products

Hello everyone!

I've got a bunch of products that I'm testing/using this week, and I'm really excited about them.  This year I consciously tried to group products together to make a 'look' rather than just throwing them together willy-nilly.

This week, I've got a lot of warm, bronze, and shimmer going on.

The first product is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, but this is the liquid formula.  I'm definitely more of a powder girl, so this gets severely neglected.  Fun Fact: It was also the first thing I ever bought from Sephora!

I also have a blush from NYC.  This is their Cheek Glow in NoLiTa Pink (lliterally what is that name?!).  It's a really pretty, shimmery coral shade, and I know it was super inexpensive.  Maybe it's a hidden drugstore gem!

I have a few eyeshadows to test out this week, and they all work really nicely together.

The first 2 are from H&M, and they are in the shades Ginger Snap and Russet Rose.  Ginger Snap is a bronze that errs on orange, and Russet Rose is a rose gold shade.  The formulation of these is amazing, they just aren't shades I tend to reach for.  The challenge is to use them more this week!

The other eyeshadow is from MAC,and this is STUNNING.  It's one of their Extra Dimension eyeshadows in the shade Havana.  These have an amazing formula, and this was expensive!  I need to use it more, for sure.

My final two items to use more this week (and see if they're any good!) are two brushes.  The first one is from Spa Resource and it's their Multi-Use brush. This is very densely packed, making it great for foundation, concealer, and powder.  I neglect this in favour of my Real Techniques brushes, but I'm hoping it's just as good!

The other brush actually is from Real Techniques, and it's their Duo Fiber Face Brush.  I got this in the Nic's Picks set, and I freely admit I do not know how to use a duo fiber brush.  I'm going to look it up, test it out, and see how it performs!

Okay, so that's all of the products I'm testing out this week!  I'll let you know on Saturday how everything worked out for me, and what you should and should not purchase!


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