Monday, 4 April 2016

Product Graveyard #5

Hello everyone!

If you enjoy reading about products that didn't work for me, then you'll enjoy today's post!

1) H&M Overnight Lip Rescue

I was really hoping this would be good, or even a dupe for the Bite Beauty agave lip mask.  But it wasn't.  In fact, this did absolutely nothing.  And it tasted TERRIBLE.  Don't waste your money on it.

2) Joe Fresh False Lashes 

These lashes were awful.  The band was impossible to work with, and the lashes themselves were coarse and just ugly.  They looked terrible and fake.  It was pretty obvious that they were cheap, and yet they cost more than Ardell!  Definite fail.

3) Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Polishes 

These polishes are just not good.  They do dry instantly, but they don't layer well and they flake within seconds.  I really don't like them.  I have a friend who is really into nail art, so I'm passing them along to her and hopefully she can use them!

4) Lancome Eyeshadows 

Thankfully these were free gifts, otherwise I'd be mad.  Lancome eye shadows are pricey, but they have no pigment, crease terribly, and are really powdery.  They are terrible quality in my opinion, and not worth buying.

5) Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

I posted a review of this awhile back, and I talked about this on my Instagram too, but this product gave me a horrible allergic reaction.  It was worst along my jawline.  I got raised bumps under the skin, and the texture of my skin went completely scaley.  The foundation was so good, but that is an immediate deal breaker.

And there you have it, another set of disappointing products.  What have you tried lately that disappointed you?


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