Monday, 18 April 2016

My New L.U.V.

Alright everyone, there's a new lipstick in town!

Everyone has heard of Kat Von D's liquid lipsticks.  If I hear one more person talk about Lolita I swear I'll throw my laptop out of a window.  But when I was in Sephora the other day, I decided not only to buy my FIRST liquid lipstick, but my first Sephora lipstick, and Kat Von D got the honour.

There are so many  mixed reviews on the liquid lipsticks, and I was really curious to find out for myself whether they were any good.  But I didn't go for a normal colour.  No, I went for L.U.V., a BRIGHT PURPLE.  I blame it on Sephora Madness, it's like something comes over me when I walk into the store and I stumble out an hour later clutching one of those black and white bags.

Anyway.  The next day I knew I HAD to try it, so I put it on right away with fresh skin and winged liner.  Check out the photo!  It actually looks so good!  It's out of my usual comfort zone, but I felt  so confident rocking this all day.

And yes, it did last all day.  I reapplied a couple of times because I tend to bite my lips throughout the day, but it lasted like a pro.  I did find this a little drying, and my lips weren't super hydrated in the first place.  Later in the day I actually put a gloss over top and even that still looked good and didn't effect the wear time.

A few other points to make:
- This costs $24, which I think is incredibly reasonable.
- This dries SUPER quickly, and is completely matte
- It doesn't transfer
- It doesn't bleed
- It lasts through eating and drinking
- IT WASHES OUT OF CLOTHES!!! (Yes, I accidentally got some on the sleeve of a WHITE sweater.  And it came out perfectly with a little Shout stain remover)

Overall, I'm SO glad I spent the money on this.  Even though the shade is kind of out there, I plan on wearing this as much as possible this spring and summer.  I'll be sure to take good care of my lips though!

*Let me know if you want a tutorial on this makeup look!*


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