Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Beach Daydreams...

Hello everyone!

It's finals season, and I find myself daily dreaming about being on a soft, sandy beach somewhere, without any responsibilities, holding a fruity cocktail in a coconut shell in one hand and a good book in the other...

Which then got me thinking.  What would my top beach essentials be? I’ve teamed up with HomeAway to create this graphic to share my top 5 getaway essentials! If I were to go anywhere, it would be Bermuda.  I went there when I was about 15 and would love to go back.  The beaches are pink, who wouldn't love that! But, if youre looking for something in the United States, a hot spot this season is Panama City Beach in Florida.

In honour of my beachy dream, I thought I would throw in a few 'throwback' photos of my trip to Bermuda.  If you've been there, please let me know!  It's a wonderful place.


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