Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Review: Essence Make Me Brow

Hello everyone!

I recently picked up the Make Me Brow from Essence cosmetics, and thought I'd give you a a quick review!

This is really inexpensive, at only $2.99 per tube.  Essence products are really affordable, and this is no exception.

The packaging is nothing exceptional, but for the price it doesn't bother me at all.

Okay, let's talk about the actual product.

This looks EXACTLY like the Benefit Gimme Brow to me, and I honestly think this is a dupe.  The teeny tiny wand combs through brow hairs and distributes the perfect amount of product, and never gets any on your skin.  There are little fibers in the formula to enhance your natural brows, and the gel portion is stiff enough the keep your brows in place but doesn't leave them crispy.

Ultimately, I think everything about this is a win for me.  I'm really loving this, it's even taken a backseat to my Maybelline Brow Drama (I KNOW!).  This is great over top of brow products or even on its own.  I really love this, and I hope it's permanent in their line!


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