Monday, 14 March 2016

Review: The e.l.f. Bronzer Quad

Hello everyone!

I reviewed the e.l.f. blush quad a few months ago, and since I've worked towards collecting all of their quads.

The most recent addition is the bronzing quad.  This has 4 different shades of bronzer, two matte and two shimmer.  All of the colours are quite warm, although there is one that is ashy enough to work as a contour.

I have to say, this isn't as good in quality as the blush quad.  The matte shades are nice and smooth, although they aren't as pigmented as I would like.  The most shimmery shade is positively grainy in texture, not smooth at all.  The other shimmer is just medium in quality.  None if these are very pigmented, not nearly as well as the blush quad.

These work well on my pale skin, but I can guarantee they won't work on anyone much deeper in skin tone than me (I'm an NC15 at MAC).  They give me a nice shadow and bronze glow, but it is very subtle.

I will say again, I like that these pop out individually so you can customize a quad.  Now that I've got a few of these, I mix them up and bring the 4 I want when I travel.  It's very handy.

So all in all these are slightly disappointing, and definitely not for everyone.  I don't mid them, but I prefer light bronzers without too much pigmentation.  The price is definitely right on these, but if you're darker in skin tone or like a darker bronze, then these are not for you.


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