Monday, 8 February 2016

REVIEW: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Wear Foundation

Hello everyone!

On my foundation quest, I have purchased and tried out the Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation.  Promising full coverage and 24 hour wear, this has some BIG claims.  Does it live up to them? Let's see...


This claims to be a full coverage foundation with a weightless serum, for perfect, comfortable and all-day wear.  It says it is sweat, humidity, and transfer proof and lasts up to 25 hours (WHO THE HELL WEARS FOUNDATION THAT LONG?!?)

This is $10, very very affordable I'd say!  There's lots of product in here too, so it will last for a really long time.

I am such a sucker for the heavy, glass packaging.  I think it feels so much more expensive and luxurious than a plastic bottle.  Thanks for that, Rimmel!

On another note, this does come with a pump that is fairly sturdy and works really nicely to pump out the product.  I really like the red lid and pump, it makes it stand out in your makeup drawers.  It practically screams PICK ME!

Because I prefer sponges for foundation, that's how I applied this.  I started off with one pump of product, which gave me an excellent medium coverage.  There was a little bit of redness peeking through, so I applied half of a pump more to my cheeks and other red areas and at the end of it I really did have a flawless, full coverage.

Not only was this a perfect match for me, but I love how it felt on the skin.  It wasn't heavy, or cakey at all.  In fact, I could barely tell I was wearing foundation.  It also felt really hydrating, or at the very least not drying on my skin.  The only thing this did that I didn't like was crease around my mouth (in my laugh lines), but I have yet to find a foundation that doesn't.  I counter it with primer instead.

As for wear, I was super impressed.  This did need some blotting throughout the day, but other than that it didn't flake or fade, or lose any of its coverage.  It also didn't get cakey or patchy.

One thing I did really notice was how well my makeup sat on top of it.  My highlighter and blush, and even my bronzer, didn't fade at all, nor did they go patchy.  I know that has to do with those products themselves as well, but the fact that they had a good base to sit on top of clearly made a huge difference from when I wear the same products with other bases!

Uh oh...
The second time I wore this, I wore it to a concert (and was super impressed with it), but when I got home and washed it off, IT HAD GIVEN ME A HORRIBLE RASH.  I had all these little white bumps on my face, especially along my chin and jawline.  It didn't itch or anything, but it was very noticeable and my skin texture was horrible.  This was a few weeks ago now, and it hasn't cleared up yet.  I have never had this happen before, so I don't know if there is an ingredient in this foundation I'm allergic to or what, but PLEASE be aware that this could happen to you if you try this foundation.

Have you tried this foundation? What are your thoughts?


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