Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My Best Concert Experience: Oh Wonder, Ralph, and the Big City

Hey guys!

I've been super MIA while my laptop was getting fixed, but I'm back, baby!

Sometimes we take nice pictures...
While I was unplugged, I went to Toronto for the night to go and see Oh Wonder with my best friend, Kelly.  She asked me to go months ago, I'd never heard of them, but tickets weren't expensive and I like concerts, so I said yes.

It was the best concert experience I have ever had.

The concert was held at the Danforth Music Hall, a venue I had never been to.  Turns out, it's small and intimate, and utterly perfect for actually getting to experience the band you are coming to see.  We lined up for an hour in the cold, but were only three people from the front, so it was completely worth it!  We could see every little facial expression of the band's face, it was something you could never experience at a huge venue like the Molson Canadian Amphitheater.

As for the bands themselves, they were unparalleled to any other concert I've been to.  The opening band was a Toronto-based band called Ralph, and they were AMAZING! It's pretty clear that they don't rely on autotune for their sound, they are just purely talented.  They looked like they were having a great time, they sounded fantastic, and after the show Kelly and I actually got to meet the lead singer!  In person, she was super nice and friendly.

Oh Wonder was equally amazing.  I would even argue that they sound better live (and that NEVER happens).  It was their first show in Canada, and their largest show to date (the show was actually moved from the original venue because of the demand for tickets).  They were so into the show, smiling, and laughing, and clearly having a great time.  It was an infectious kind of joy that I have never experienced at a concert.

I didn't vlog it, but I did take a few pictures on my crappy phone (Kelly's photos are much better).  Those are what you see in this post.

How you should feel after an EPIC concert.
I just wanted to say thank you to the bands for such an amazing show, thank you to Kelly for bringing me along, and thank you to our hotel (Comfort Inn at Bloor and Young) for having the most comfortable beds and pillows to crash into at 1am. And a pretty awesome view, too!

Gooooood morning!
Going to a concert when you don't know the band is scary, but ultimately it was so rewarding.  I didn't have any expectations, so I was blown away when they turned out to be so utterly amazing.  That they included a local band to open for them was fabulous too, I love discovering local talent that I can support.  And somewhere in there, I fell in love with two amazing bands.

But usually we don't <3
Go out of your comfort zone, try new things, and reap the rewards after <3


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