Friday, 1 January 2016

My Most Popular Posts and Videos of 2015

Hello everyone!

Here's a little round up of my most popular posts and videos from the last year, with links to everything in case you missed them!

My review of the Maybelline Brow Drama (I still love this!) (Link)

This amazing chicken stew recipe for the slow cooker.  I made this a couple days ago! (Link)

Two tutorials!

A sultry Valentine's Day look (LINK)

And a T-Swift inspired look that is also very reminiscent of Adele (LINK)

And I discovered my favourite lipstick, MAC's Ruby Woo (LINK)

I also started my channel with THIS introduction video! Time flies!

In March I reviewed a book I still recommend to everyone, The Nightengale (LINK)

I also did my first video tutorial, where I showed you my everyday makeup routine (LINK)

April was a good month.  My blog hits went up quite a bit in April!

I blogged about my favourite coffees and teas, ad that went over so well I continued to talk about them all year long! (LINK)

This is also the month I reviewed the Va-Va-Voom cleansing system from Olay, which is still a huge favourite of mine! (LINK)

I also did my first Empty Products video on by channel in April of this year. (LINK)

In May, I did a series called Makeup May where I tested products from my makeup collection and did reviews on them all month long.  It really helped purge my makeup collection, and I might do it again in 2016.

As a departure from makeup, I took some photos at the park and blogged about that too. Click for tadpoles! (LINK)

I also tried my hand at vlogging and had some... interesting experiences with geese. (LINK)

I also did what might have been my first hair-related tutorial EVER. (LINK)

June started off with a trip to the cottage, so of course I blogged about it. (LINK)

I joined the ranks of people raging about YouTubers acting inappropriately, and it's one of my most popular posts to date, which I find unfortunate. (LINK)

I started doing Nails Of The Week posts this month too, starting with a Hot Pink polish. (LINK)

I also posted one of my favourite OOTDs, my very first maxi dress! (LINK)

I reviewed the much-hyped L'Oreal La Palettes on my channel, and got frustrated with idiot drivers and sirens.  I should really post the bloopers reel from that... (LINK)

I also surprised my boyfriend for his birthday and caught it on video!  The vlog technically went up in July, but it happened in June! (LINK)

In July I had a video request that I filmed, and it has SO many views! I'm still pretty shocked by how popular it got. (LINK)

I also blogged about realizing that bars aren't for me.  And that's okay. (LINK)

I also discovered the best nude nail polish to date this month, and of course did a Nail Of The Week post about it. (LINK)

In August, I did BEDA again, with a post or video every single day without fail!  It was a huge accomplishment, and choosing my favourite days was difficult for this post.

I also did an awesome Cottage-Approved makeup tutorial on my channel in August and I still wear that look all the time. (LINK)

I kicked off September with a Vlog from the 5SOS concert.  It was such an amazing experience, even if it did make me feel old! (LINK)

I also taught students how to save money on textbooks (LINK) and I posted a Transformation Tuesday in honour of my 20th birthday (LINK).

In October I posted two MASSIVE hauls, one Drugstore and one Luxury.  I've been loving the products I picked up so much over the past few months.

I also discovered H&M Makeup and did an overview of their collection HERE if you haven't seen it.  Then I reviewed their EYESHADOWS and their LIP CREAM.

I also went away for a few days and shared my camping adventure snaps with you (LINK).

In November, I fell in love with a pair of awesome booties from H&M, and I can tell you now that I'm still wearing them, even with snow on the ground! (LINK)

I did my makeup in 5 minutes using only a handful of products, proof that you don't always have to go full-on with your makeup! (Although it is fun to do that as well!) (LINK)

I also fell SO in love with the H&M nail polishes, you can see my review HERE.

In December, I made my first foray into e.l.f. cosmetics, and I found some really awesome products.  You can see my haul video HERE.

My boyfriend and I went to a fancy ball and I shared some outfit of the day posts from it (LINK).

He also decided to rise to the challenge and attempt to do my makeup.  The results were pretty... interesting (LINK), but I got my revenge (LINK).

And those are my most popular (and my personal favourite) posts and videos from 2015!  I posted a lot last year, and I hope to blog and vlog even more in 2016!

Here are all my 2015 monthly favourites as well, in case you're interested:

Love you all lots and lots <3


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