Saturday, 19 December 2015

Wonderful Dreams and Wonderful Packaging!

Hello everyone!

During a Secret Santa, I was lucky enough to be gifted the Wonderful Dreams palette from Sephora.  I thought I could do a little review for you today, because this would make such a good present, especially for a luxury beauty lover when you're on a budget.

This has the most amazing packaging.  The cute stars, shimmery foil details, I just love it so much! I also really like that the inside packaging is pink, it makes it a little bit more interesting rather than it all being one shade of beige. The cardboard might get beat up over time, but it does close nice and securely, so your shadows are safe.

Inside there are 8 shadows.

From right to left: Chantilly lace, Marron glace, Crystal Ball, Midnight Swim

From right to left: Soft cookie (VERY hard to see), Toasted almond, Pretty sunrise, Hot cocoa

I love it when palettes name and label their shadows.  I immediately like them more.

Okay, so to be honest the pigmentation is not that great on some of these shadows.  The mattes especially are a little patchy.  That being said, I still think this is a good palette.

This is the perfect blend of neautrals, shimmers, and matte shades.  The shimmer shades are way more pigmented and smooth than the mattes, and I think they would be good all over the lid, with the mattes used in the crease to deepen and blend.  Soft Cookie didn't show up well on camera because it's the exact shade of my skin, making it the perfect brown bone shade or a really good blending shade.

Out of all of the shades, Pretty Sunrise is my favourite. It has the best pigmentation and is just a stunning shade.

The colours in here can all be used together, which definitely gets extra marks from me.  And all of the colours are wearable too.

Overall, I give this palette a 7/10.  It loses marks on the quality of the matte shades, the shimmers are much better.  That being said, these are not even close to the worst quality mattes I've ever used, they're just firmly middle of the road.  I think this palette is perfect for a Secret Santa, someone on a budget, or even a stocking stuffer.


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