Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Perfect Gift for Every Logophile

I love writing.  I love words.  I write a blog publicly and journals privately.  I absolutely love to write and express myself through the written word.

Christmas is coming, and I have to perfect gift for the logophile in your life.

Pierre Belvedere, a French-Canadian company (woo!), makes the most amazingly beautiful journals I have ever found.  I honestly cannot compare them to any other journal I have ever filled.

The covers are so luxurious, coming in plenty of gorgeous covers with designs imprinted onto the leather.  The paper is thick and heavy, perfect for writing with fountain pens (unless I'm the only perso who uses those with verocity).  There are two thin ribbons for marking your place, each a different colour (which is important to me, if not you).

I buy these at Chapters Indigo or Amazon.  They can be pricey, usually coming in around $20 to $25 apiece, but they can go on sale, and I have even been lucky enough to find them at HomeSense for a mere $10.

If you have someone in your life who loves to write, keeps journals, or who you think may need an outlet for feelings they keep bottled up inside, these are an amazing gift.


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