Monday, 7 December 2015

The Life Saver: Secret Clinical Stress Response Antiperspirant

Hello everyone!

I can't remember if I've talked about this or not, but in the summer something about my body chemistry went insane and all of a sudden, deodorant didn't work on me.  At all.

I used men's formulas for awhile, thinking they might be formulated to be more effective, but even that wasn't enough for me.

It was so embarrassing, I felt like I was the smelly kid, and I was so incredibly self-conscious.

In walks the Secret Clinical Invisible Solid.

This has changed my life, without a word of a lie.  You apply it at night so that it has time to sink in, and even if you shower the next morning you are protected.  It definitely reduced the amount I sweat and kept me dry, but most importantly even if I do sweat (i.e. at the gym) I don't stink.

This particular formula is great, because I am definitely a stress sweater, and having anxiety means I tend to stress sweat a lot.  This deodorant protects even against stress sweat, which is more intense and smells worse too.

I know this might be a bit of a TMI post, but this isn't something people talk about even though many people have issues finding deodorants that work.  I would highly HIGHLY recommend this one, it has worked wonders for me and I am finally happy to say I am no longer the smelly kid.  Plus, party season is coming up and you definitely don't want to be worried about B.O. at your office party!

See you soon!


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