Sunday, 20 December 2015

Festive Nail Polish Haul

Hello everyone!

I picked up 3 new nail polish shades for the holidays this week, and I think you'll really enjoy them!

They are all from H&M.  They have THE BEST nail polishes, I swear.  You can check out my full review HERE, but for now let's get into what I bought.

As I mentioned, I bought three shades, Bordeaux, Witching Hour, and Red Over Heels.

Bordeaux is a rich wine shade, nice and dark and vampy.  I have a Rimmel lipstick with the same name that matches it perfectly.

I love Witching Hour, mostly because of the name.  It's a dark teal shade, I actually have a shirt that is an exact match for this shade which is kind of fun.

And then Red Over Heels is a bold, bright red shade perfect for the holiday season.  I bought this for a Get Ready With Me that you'll be seeing soon! ;)

Enjoy your holidays everyone, and if you're looking for the perfect nail polish, I would highly recommend one of these shades!


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