Friday, 18 December 2015

e.l.f. Blush Palette Review

Hello everybody!

In my recent e.l.f. Haul video, you will have seen that I bought the blush palette, and was already super excited to use it.

I feel like this has been hyped up online so much, but at such an inexpensive price, is it any good?!

This costs a mere $6 for 4 good-sized blushes.  Shipping is $8 to Canada, but if you buy $30 of stuff or more it's free, and they do have some other great products.

The packaging on this is awesome (in my opinion).  It's really sturdy and matte black, but it won't get a grubby as NARS matte black packaging does.  There is a HUGE mirror on the inside, and the best part for me is that each blush pops out.  If you buy any of their other palettes like this (they have another blush, a bronzing one, an illuminating one, and a contouring one) you can fully customize it when you travel so you can bring everything you need in one palette!

This is the Light palette, and it has such great colours in it.  There's your typical baby pink, an orangey bronze shade, and a rosy berry shade in a matte formula, and then a coral with gold glitter that's obviously shimmery.  I don't own hardly any matte blushes, and this palette just amped up my collection considerably.  I love all of these blushes.  They are smooth, incredibly pigmented, and don't feel cheap.  They are slightly powdery, but they still feel creamy.  They blend really well, they don't apply patchy, they're just excellent quality!

That mirror!  I've done a full face of makeup using only the mirror in this palette.
Worth noting too is that the one shimmer in this palette isn't overwhelmingly shimmery.  The glitter isn't too chunky when you apply it to your face, and it just gives your cheeks a really nice glow.

I would definitely recommend you buy this palette, it's amazing.  This has been my go-to palette since I got it, I haven't reached for any of my other blushes.  This would also make a great stocking-stuffer for that makeup junkie in your life.

I hope you found this helpful, sometimes products hyped online are just that, hype.  But I truly think this one has earned it.


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