Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Best Boots

Welcome back!

I have absolutely fallen in love with these boots from H&M.  I searched for so long for the perfect pair of boots for fall, and came up short until I found these.

They only cost a mere $40, the least expensive of any pair I looked at.  I love that they have a faux suede panel on the back to add some texture.

The leather of the boot itself is very durable.  I've been wearing these 5 out of 7 days of the week since early September and they've held up very well, especially considering the cost.  The zipper up the back is silver and also very durable.  I love the accent of the zipper and the tassel pull on it.

Another bonus to these: they are waterproof.  I've worn them in the rain through puddles several times and my feet always end up dry.

I wear these all the time, sometimes every single day.  They are so comfortable and they go with everything.  Check out your local H&M or their website for these boots, or just browse their excellent selection of boots that are perfect for fall.


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