Monday, 16 November 2015

Fresh Sugar Lip Delight Holiday Set

Hello everyone!

In my October Favourites video, I mentioned how much I have been loving the Fresh Sugar Lip balms.  They are the BEST lip products I have ever used.

I recently ordered the holiday set off of the Sephora website.  This retails for $65 and contains 7 minis.  There are 5 tinted balms in the shades Fig, Ruby, Tulip, Rose, and Nude.  The other 2 minis are a lip treatment and an advanced lip treatment.

If you break it down, these are $9.30 each for 2.2 grams of product.  Obviously, that's still expensive.  This set isn't exactly a great deal.  That being said, there are a few perks.

I love that you get to try several different tints and treatments to see what you like.  These are pretty sheer, so there isn't really any shade that looks terrible on me, however I can see that there is a pretty small niche of people who would like all of these like I do.

These also last a decently long amount of time for the size.  In my previous purchase of these, I used all of Rose in about a month and a half, but I used it multiple times per day every day.  I practically bathed in it.

These are perfect purse size, great for on the go.  The cap screws on and is super tight so they don't get gross in the bottom of your purse. They smell and taste great.  And more importantly, THEY WORK.  My lips are repaired overnight when I use this before bed, and stay hydrated throughout the day when I use it daily.  These don't do that annoying thing some lip products do where they initially work but over time make your lips more chapped.  These are the makeup equivalent of crack.

I highly recommend these lip balms despite the hefty price tag.  Try out the kits with minis before you commit to a full size if you're nervous about shelling out $25 for a full size.  I love having lots of these minis so I always have options.


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