Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Babbling Book Revies: Poles Apart by Terry Fallis

Hello everyone!

I read Poles Apart by Terry Fallis recently, and decided a review was in order.

*As always, potential spoilers ahead.*

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This book is about a (Canadian!) man named Everett Kane.  Part of the feminist movement when he was at Ryerson University, Everett is now a struggling freelance writer who, against everything he stands for, has spent most of his career writing articles for cosmetic magazines.

When his father has a stroke, Everett moves to Florida, rents an apartment, and becomes a part of his misogynistic father's recovery.  At the rehabilitation centre, he meets Beverley Tanner, and feminist who dropped off the grid, but made a huge impression on Everett while he was in school.

That's all I will summarize, so that I don't ruin the book for you.  I have to say, I love the Canadian focus of Terry Fallis's books.  As a Canadian, I can appreciate a setting I know quite well!

Here is the thing.  I read this book expecting it to be a book about feminism.

It isn't.

That's not to say it isn't worth reading, not at all.  But I think it is important to note that this is a book about a feminist blogger, not about feminism.  There are, however, feminist elements.

I really did like this book.  I read it very quickly, it only took me about 3 days.  I did find it slightly predictable, but I liked the characters, I loved the way it was written, and I'm a sucker for a happy ending.  There was even one part where my heart was racing in fear, and that's not an easy feat to write!

So if you can check out Poles Apart by Terry Fallis, I definitely think it's worth a read.


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