Thursday, 8 October 2015

Product Graveyard #2

Welcome back to another installment of Product Graveyard!

For those of you who didn't see the last post, this is when I go through my products, clear out ones that weren't for me, and share then with you so you can make better decisions when you're making purchases!

Let's just jump right in.

1) Maybelline Colour Show Nail Lacquer in 150 Born With It
This nail polish is very sub-standard to me.  It isn't pigmented, 3 coats and it's still too sheer, but you can't layer any more product on top of that.  it takes a very long time to dry as well.  I'm not sure if it's all of these polishes, or just this particular shade, but I will probably not be buying another one of these.  It's too bad, I really love Maybelline products in general, but this one definitely disappointed me.

2) Rimmel Provocalips
These were SUCH a disappointment for me.  Chelsey did a review of these and it was so positive I practically ran out to buy it, and I was not as impressed.  I found it difficult to work with, and it didn't dry nicely in my opinion.  It wore off in odd patches and balled up in places, and you had to fully remove it if you wanted to reapply or else it looked patchy and strange.  Big thumbs down.

3) Rimmel Apocalips in 100 Phenomenon
I'm not a huge fan of the Apocalips either, but I do have Big Bang which I quite like.  This shade is awful on me though.  It's VERY nude, but it's a strange peachy-pink shade.  It looks terrible on me, and I can't really think what skin tones this would look nice on.  If you like this shade, let me know!

4) Pond's Cold Cream
I bought this a few winters ago when my skin was flipping out, but I don't need it now for several reasons.

First, I have an actual skin care routine now, and it works for me.  That's a major part of why my skin doesn't get so incredibly dry and flakey any more.

I have also found better products for dry skin. Instead of needing a rapid solution, which this provided, I use a creamy cleanser in the dry, cold months to keep my skin cleansed and hydrated all the time.

The other thing I find about this is that it solves the problem instantly... but then the same issues reappear in a few days.  It's a bandaid solution, not a long-term one.  This also leaves your skin with a greasy film, which is a big no for me.

5) Colab Volume Extreme Dry Shampoo
I made a mistake when I bought this, let's get that full disclosure out there.

I don't like volumizing products for my hair.  I thought this was the sheer invisible formula, not realizing that there even was a volumizing one.  Thus... this.

I just don't need the volume in my hair, and I hate the way volumizing products make my hair feel.  However, if you do like volumizing products this might be for you.  It is invisible, you can't see it in your hair at all.  SO, this isn't necessarily a bad product, it's just not for me.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I'll see you again soon!


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