Sunday, 18 October 2015

Mini Musing: An Open Letter to my Ex-Boyfriend

This was written by me awhile ago, and I stumbled across it the other day.  I hope you enjoy it!

I love you.

Not like that, obviously.  But you were my first everything and I can't let you go that easily.

We are only good friends, but there are consequences of that.  I see your Facebook, your Snapchat, I know all about your everyday life.

I know about her,

The cute one.  The one who is nothing like my moody, stocky, brooding self.  The one who balances you out and doesn't bring you down, the ying to your yang.  The one who doesn't force you to sink deeper into your darkest traits in an inescapable web of feelings.

But it does hurt seeing you showing her off.  Because you never did that for me.  I don't blame you.  Why would you show off me?  She's bubbly.  Vivacious.  Pretty. Fun.

But I wish you had been this proud of me.  This proud to be with me.  Proud enough to tag me in Facebook posts that remind you of me, even the naughty ones not suitable for public consumption.  Proud enough to upload a photo with a cute caption, maybe even that stupid heart emoji trailing at the end as further proof of how you felt for me.

But even with my bruised heart, I can only wish you the best.  She is so good for you.

Be good to her.  Cherish her.  Love her with all that you have.

Never let her be the one to write you this letter.

Please let me know your thoughts below!


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