Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Introducing the Beauty Department: H&M Makeup?!

Hello everyone!

Imagine my shock when I walked into my local H&M and found an entire section of makeup!  According to one of the ladies working, the H&M in Conestoga Mall in Waterloo is one of three stores in Ontario to carry the H&M makeup line, although it's been in Europe for awhile.

So today, I'm going to walk you through the line and then tell you what items I bought and what items I want to try.

*I tried to find/remember all of the prices, but some are missing. I also couldn't get pictures of everything. Apologies!*

To start, they have an extensive range of nail polishes in pretty little bottles.  Nothing exceptional looking, but I most definitely want to try them out!  The nail polishes retail for $6.99 and the shade selection is massive.  I picked up two.

There is a range of mattifying powders and perfecting powders (I'm not 100% what the difference in product is), and when I swatched them in store they felt so amazingly soft.  These powders are amazing quality, and retail for $12.99 each.  There's a decent range of shades for these which is nice.

There is a liquid foundation as well as a powder foundation, which I don't know much about as I didn't test them out and I don't really have a burning desire to try them either.  Both retail for $14.99 each and come in a wide range of shades.

There are two types of concealer, a highlighting pen ($12.99) and a regular one with a doe-foot applicator ($7.99).  I didn't swatch them in store, but I'm definitely curious to see what they're like.  I might go back for the concealers...

There is a massive range of lip products, from two types of glosses ($7.99), lip liners, lip sticks ($12.99), lip stains ($12.99) and lip creams.  There is also a lip treatment and a sugar scrub, both of which I believe were $12.99 each.  I want to try all of the lip products, but I was in a rush and couldn't make up my mind (another trip soon methinks!)

There are several types of mascara ($14.99) which I think are too expensive when I can buy a Maybelline one for half the price.  Thus, I probably won't be trying them.

There are several types of liner too, liquid ($7.99), gel ($12.99), and your regular kohl formulation.  I have eyeliners I love, so I'm not sure if I'll be trying these or not.

The eyeshadows are the product I was most drawn to, and I walked out with a few.  The single pans are $7.99 and have the most amazing texture and pigmentation.  They completely nailed the formula of these, and there is a huge colour selection to choose from.

They also have palettes with 9 shades that retail for $12.99 (I bought one) and eye shadow pencils for $6.99 which aren't my thing but I know a lot of people like that type of product.

As for brows, there's a full kit as well as a regular wax, both of which retail for $9.99, a brow pencil with a spooly on the end ($5.99) and a brow gel.  I didn't like the brow gel because of the brush, it's way too big for brows!  I do want to try the eyebrow pencil though.

I know there are blushes and bronzers, both cream and powder, and I believe they retail for $12.99 but I couldn't find them on the website.  I can't decide if I should try these, if you have let me know your thoughts in the comments!

In addition there are tons of body products and makeup bags, which if I listen them all here would take up a thousand words.  But I will say they are all quite reasonably priced and I think there is something in there for every skin type and preference.  They also have brushes and other tools, again for very reasonable prices.  The brushes seemed soft, but I can't attest for how they wash or if they shed.  Those I'll be purchasing in the future for sure.

I think this line has some good stuff.  It does have a few prices that I think are too high, the mascaras for example, but the eyeshadows are most definitely worth the prices they're marked with.  I am curious about the lip products and a few other selected bits.  The brushes will be getting a full review at some point, I really do want to give them a fair test.

Let me know what I should try, and tell me if you want reviews!


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