Saturday, 26 September 2015

Natural Brands Worth Your Money

Hello everyone!

I recently was asked to talk a little bit more about natural products on my blog.

I have explored the natural skincare and beauty brands, especially when I was younger, and I think I have enough knowledge to let you know which brands and products are actually worth spending your money on.

Some of you might remember this, but I used to RAVE about the Prairie Naturals shampoos and conditioners.  I absolutely adore these, they're just difficult for me to get my hands on in Waterloo (if you know where I can get them, COMMENT BELOW!)

These just do an amazing job of cleansing your hair and leaving it soft and shiny.  They aren't too expensive either, last time I purchased them I believe they cost be $10.99 a bottle.

My favourite natural skincare brand would have to be Andalou Naturals.  Both myself and my mother have used this line, there is a product for every single skin type.  The brand is natural and free of bad chemicals, and it's still pretty affordable.  I find natural products can be SO expensive, but these don't break the bank.  We all know I love the Probiotic + C Renewal Cream, so I won't bang on about these too much.

Another great brand according to my mother is Aubrey Organics.  I used their products when I was much younger and had really problematic skin, my brother used the same ones at one point as well, and my mother uses the products for more mature skin now.  They have a full range of cleansers and toners, and they are numbered based on what problems they target (i.e. acne, oily, dry, etc.)  These are extremely good for being free of bad chemicals, and they really do work!  The only issue (according to my dad) is that the scents sometimes aren't great, but if you (and your partner if you have one!) can tolerate the smell, then give these a go!

One final great brand is Green Beaver.  I especially like their Grapefruit and Aloe exfoliating facial scrub, and their makeup remover is pretty good too.  This is a Canadian brand, but you can order online.  Most products smell good, they're free of bad chemicals, not tested on animals, and they pretty much do what they say they will.

I'm not going to lie to you, I've never found a good line of natural cosmetics, and certainly not ones that are worth the price tag! I know that isn't necessarily helpful, but I couldn't lie to you and say that products X, Y, and Z are any good.  I've heard a lot of good things about LUSH cosmetics, but I honestly can't bring myself to pay the prices.

My final verdict on the issue: natural cosmetics, in my experience, are NOT worth it.

One other product I want to mention is Dr. Bronner's Magic soaps.  These... are surprisingly good.  I use them for everyday cleaning (sinks, counters, etc.), cleaning my makeup brushes, cleaning spots in carpets (we have ALL spilt tea on our carpet, admit it!), and my mom uses it as hand soap, bubble bath, and about a million other things!  This is really multi-purpose.  It's not the strongest solvent, so cleaning the bathtub gets left to the Scrubbing Bubbles still, but the price is great and there's a full range of scents.  This also comes in a solid form, not just liquid.

I hope this was somewhat helpful to anyone looking to incorporate more natural brands and products into their daily routine!  As with any products, you kind of have to try out a whole bunch of things to find the absolute gems, but that's half the fun!

I'll see you all soon with another post!


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