Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Babbling Book Reviews: A Pocket Guide to Writing in History

Hey everyone!

This is a kind of odd post, and I'm not sure if it's technically a book review, but bear with me!

As a history student, this little guide has become my lifeline.  It is the ultimate 'hack' to being successful in my subject, and if you are a history student you definitely need this in your life.

The biggest reason I love this so much is because it makes footnoting papers impossibly easy.  Footnoting is so important, doing it incorrectly loses you precious marks and can even nail you with academic misconduct if done seriously wrong.  This book helps you correctly cite sources and format footnotes from any and every source.

In addition to being a godsend for footnoting, this little book talks about proper historical sources (what is and is not acceptable), typical assignments in the field of history, how to do research, and the bare bones of HOW to actually write a proper history paper.

This is absolutely essential for history majors, I would honestly force this on anyone in the field who didn't have one, that's how much I believe in this.

This cost me $22 at the Laurier campus book store, but I'm sure you can find it elsewhere online, possibly for a cheaper price.

***UPDATE: I have the 6th edition.  The 7th edition on Chapter Indigo and Amazon is $42.***

(Epiphany: I probably got 6th Ed. for less because I bought it the year 7th Ed. came out.)

BUY THIS IF YOU ARE IN HISTORY OR IF YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS.  That's basically why I wrote this post, to shout that at you.


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