Saturday, 8 August 2015

B.E.D.A. Day 8: How to Have the Best Bad Day

Hey everyone.

We all have those days when nothing feels like it's going right, you feel down and out, and you don't have any motivation to do anything... Basically just a bad, bad day.

There are lots of things you can do though to have the best bad day possible.  It's okay to feel down, it's okay to not want to go out. It's called self-care.  And when you're having a bad day, self-care is crucial.

These are the 5 things I do when I'm having a bad day to have the best bad day possible.

1) Get Out
I know it seems odd, because on bad days you might not want to go anywhere.  But try to go outside.  Fresh air is therapeutic!  But what I mean is go to your favourite place, even just for a few minutes.  Walk to the park, get your favourite drink at your favourite coffee shop, read a book on the porch. The excercise and fresh air will help, but you choose the activity that feels right to you.  My personal favourite is going to the park with a book, and stopping for a hot chocolate (with extra whipped cream!) on the way.

2) Do Something You Love
Everyone has a hobby or something that makes them feel good.  For me, it's photography, reading, cooking... Do these things.  They can be low-key, but doing something you love is really important to self-care.  I took a self-care day and did somephotography, if you want you can see the post HERE.

3) Listen to Your Body
This is my favourite one, because I use it as an excuse to eat crap.  But fi your body is telling you it wants comfort food (see earlier comment about hot chocolate...) then give it what it wants.  Maybe you have a ton of pent-up frustrations and energy and just want to go for a walk.  Do it.  Maybe you feel like lying on the couch and vegging to Gilmore Girls marathons.  Do it.  Just do what you need to do and what your body is asking you to do.

4) Let Yourself Feel
Don't repress your feelings.  Keeping it inside is useless, it won't get you anywhere.  If anything, it will make you feel worse.  Cry, rage, whatever you need to do.  Let yourself feel, don't repress your emotions.

5) Nap
Naps are great.  They reset your brain.  Having a mid-day nap can give you a whole new outlook when you wake up.  If I'm having a really lethargic bad day, I'll drift in and out of naps, and by the time I wake up I feel a million times better.

Bonus Tip: Sometimes, I find that social media is the cause of my sadness, or that it makes it worse.  If you look at your situation and find that social media is having this effect on you, I would suggest you turn it all off and stay away.  Keep the internet on for Netflix if you need to, but otherwise unplug.  You won't miss anything, I promise.

I hope this helped.  I know I get bad days every once in awhile, and these are all things I do to make myself feel better.  Sometimes you'll get a string of bad days, and that's okay.  Take your time and don't rush yourself.  It will pass, maybe not when you're expecting it, but don't force yourself to be something you're not.  Just take care of yourself, it isn't selfish to want to feel better.


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