Monday, 31 August 2015

B.E.D.A. Day 31: DO NOT BUY 24/7 Nourishing Concentrating Eye Cream

Sorry to end B.E.D.A. on a bad note guys, but this is an emergency.

I know on my blog I have talked about this eye cream positively before, but DO NOT buy it!

I have purchased 2.  The first one was fine, but one day had what looked like mould on the top.  I threw it out, but assumed it was just fall-out from an eye shadow I had been using (I'm notorious for leaving creams open while I do my makeup).


I have recently purchased another one.  And the same thing happened.  So I went online and looked up the product.

I could only find it on Amazon, but every single customer review said they had had the same experience as I did, with mould growing on the top of the product.

I urge you all to not waste your money on this, or risk your well-being.  I didn't notice the mold until I had applied the cream, and even though I immediately washed it off I'm still afraid it could do some sort of damage to my skin or eyes.  This isn't worth the risk, nor the money you are wasting.

Sorry everyone for such a negative post, but this is something you all deserve to know.


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