Sunday, 23 August 2015

B.E.D.A. Day 23: Top 5 YouTubers I Watch

Welcome back to B.E.D.A. everyone!

Today I'm talking about my 5 favourite YouTubers.  I don't think I've done this before, but I love it when other bloggers/vloggers talk about who they enjoy watching.

#1: Casey Holmes/itsbl0ndie

Casey is honestly the most genuine human being on the internet.  There is nothing fake about her.  She does the most STUNNING makeup tutorials, and is never one of those gurus who comes across as lacking in personality.  Her dating stories are hilarious, and she is so open about her life and her struggles, showing that behind that gorgeous face there's a heck of a lot more.  I adore her.

Her channel is HERE.

#2: FleurDeForce

Here is yet another woman who is so down to earth and doesn't change herself for the internet.  She's constantly doing cool things and she vlogs every day of every other month, so her viewers get to see those adventures.  There's just something about her that I really really like.  Plus she has an awesome husband, and the cutest pets.  I watch her channels for a combination of the beauty videos and the vlogs.

Her channel is HERE.

#3: Kathleen Lights

Kathleen is a recent addition to my subscription list, but her tutorials are always so on point.  Her looks are FLAWLESS, and I aspire to be as good as she is.  I also appreciate her honesty about products and prices.  But my favourite videos from her are hands down her tutorials, they are AMAZING.

Her channel is HERE.

#4: Tati/GlamLifeGuru

I can honestly say I look up to this woman more than anyone.  She does videos 5 days a week that are generally beauty related (although her videos are great even when they aren't!)  She gives the most honest product reviews, and if she recommends a product I'm thinking about buying, there's a solid chance I'll buy it.  She's honest, she's genuine, and she's funny.

Her channel is HERE.

#5: Laci Green

The final YouTuber I watch religiously is Laci Green.  She's the big sister I never had.  She hosts a series called MTV Braless that is flawless, and even her own channel is constantly pushing the way I think about the world around me.  Her videos center on pop culture, equality, feminism, and sexual health and education and it's a great resource for younger people looking to learn about these topics but not sure how to approach it (and the internet can be a scary, misinformed place!)

Her channel is HERE.

I strongly suggest you check these women out, they are all amazing and I watch their videos religiously.


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