Saturday, 22 August 2015

B.E.D.A. Day 22: Review: Hard Candy Highlighter Duo

Hey everyone!

I saw these in the drugstore the other day and HAD to try it out.  There are so few good highlighters at the drugstore, but this one looked very promising.

This set me back a mere $7, I bought the shade Lit Up.  There's a slightly darker one called Sun Bunny as well.

I'm so torn on the packaging.  It's so bulky, but it's so cute!  I do appreciate how sturdy it is, but for the size there isn't as much product in there as I expected.

Since it's a duo, there are two highlighting shades.  One is more pink in tone, while the other is more champagne.

The product itself is really smooth and soft,not chalky or overly powdery at all.  It has a medium pigmentation, but it can definitely be built up.  The glitter in it is incredibly finely milled, so you won't end up with chunks of glitter on your face either, big bonus!

Overall, I really like this!  I'm not big on highlighting, I like it to be subtle, and this product is great because you can give your face a subtle glow or build it up as much as you like.  It's great quality, especially for the drugstore, and if you can't afford a $50 highlighter from Sephora, I would say this is the way to go.


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