Friday, 21 August 2015

B.E.D.A. Day 21: My Favourite Scrapbooks

Hello everyone!

I really love to scrapbook.  I have a big fancy one to remember my trip to Boston, and another nice one with photos from high school and awards and such.

My problem is, I keep so many other things that I want to remember, like movie tickets and crappy polaroid selfies, things you wouldn't necessarily put into a nice album but don't want to throw out.

And that's why I love the K & Company Smash scrapbooks.  I have two, one has a green binding and one has a black binding (there's also one with a pink binding).

These are perfect for pasting in those little memories you want to keep.  The pages are cool and funky, each one unique, and very easy to customize to your own tastes.  They also come with a double-ended pen and glue stick combo to stick the memories into place for good. The best part is, you can complete them at your own pace. I've been adding things to mine for years and they still aren't finished!

Here are a few of my favourite pages from my Smash scrapbooks:

If you want to purchase one of these, they're $15 at Walmart in the crafting/scrapbooking section.  This is way cheaper than creating a big scrapbook, and the perfect way to preserve memories.


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