Sunday, 16 August 2015

B.E.D.A. Day 16: 10 Favourite Items in my Wardrobe TAG

Hello, and welcome back to B.E.D.A!

I know this tag is a million years old, but I rarely blog about clothing or fashion, and thought that since it's B.E.D.A. I would mix it up a bit!

The challenge is to pick 10 items from your wardrobe and say where it's from, why you like it, and any good memories associated with it.  Accessories aren't allowed, just clothing!

The first favourite item in my wardrobe are these jeans from Joe Fresh.  They are so soft, just the right amount of slightly distressed, and fit like a glove.  These are the most flattering pants I own, hands down.  I love jeans, and these are by far my favourite pair that I own.

I also love these shorts.  I NEVER find flattering shorts, but these make my butt look great (if I do say so myself).  I've had them for a thousand years, so I'm pretty sure you can't buy them anymore.  My Nana actually bought these for me years ago on a Nana-Laura shopping spree.

Moving from informal to formal, this is my Grade 12 Commencement dress from the brand Darling.  It's got sentimental love to it, but it's also incredibly flattering on my figure with the sixties-esque tailoring and the wide belt.  I threw in a picture of me wearing it as a bonus.  I just love this and it has such great memories attached to it.

BACK TO INFORMAL!  This is a shirt from my very first concert, which was Mumford & Sons in 2013 when they came to Toronto.  This was, hands down, the BEST concert, such a great experience, and I got to go with my best friend.  So clearly, this has a lot of great memories associated with it.

Another wardrobe favourite is this black and white peplum top from Suzy Shier.  I bought this recently actually, it came with a red belt too.  The reason I love this is because it is just really flattering.  I feel really good when I wear this top.

Of course, I had to include my maxi-dress in this list.  I bought this for summer and have worn it every week since.  It was really inexpensive, but it is super flattering and pretty.  I LOVE it! (Don't be fooled, it looks awful on the hanger but great on.)

I have a ton of sweaters that made this top 10 list.  There's my hot pink Boston sweater that I got in Boston when I went on a school trip in Grade 12. That trip was 100% the hightlight of my high school career.  Then there's this olive green loose-knit sweater that I just really like.  It's the colour, it's very unusual and not something I would usually wear but it looks really nice on so I love the sweater.  Then there's a black knitted hoodie my mom bought for me for Christmas 2015 that's really soft and cozy.

And finally, there's my old and beaten Laurier hoodie that my dad got for me for Christmas 2012.  He got it for me when I was admitted to Laurier (my first choice and now my school!)  It shrunk in the wash so it doesn't really fit any more, but I still wear it and keep it for sentimental reasons.

And that's it for my Top 10!  I hope you liked it, I'll see you tomorrow with another post!


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