Tuesday, 11 August 2015

B.E.D.A. Day 11: What's In My Shower?

Hello everyone!

I am a routine person.  I have a routine for EVERYTHING.  Including showering.  So today, let's take a peek to see what products I use every single day to get clean, wake myself up, or calm myself down.

I keep everything I use in this shower caddy from Home Sense. This was $15, a great investment since I usually share a half-sized shower with my roommate, Brittany.  I've moved into the other bathroom for the summer while it's just us two living in the apartment.

I'll admit it now, I have an excessive amount of hair products in here.  I have a Rusk clarifying shampoo, which I use once a week.  Then I have a Rush shampoo and conditioner in the nourishing guarana and ginger formula.  I love the conditioner, the shampoo is just okay in my opinion. I also have a 2-in-1 breakage preventing shampoo and conditioner from Pantene.  I actually really like this, it smells great and does a great job of cleaning my hair and keeping it healthy.

Then there are my body products.  I usually have 2 body washes to choose from, and I honestly pick depending on my mood.  Right now I have the Bath & Body Works Honeycrisp Apple and the Lemon Pomegranate body washes in there.

Beside that I've got a little tube of facial cleanser, which I use with my Va Va Voom cleansing system when I shower.

I've got a pot of LUSH D'Fluff shaving soap here too, but I have a little case for my razor that suctions to the shower wall so that the blade doesn't rust.  That came from Walmart, it was a couple of dollars and definitely prolongs the life of my razors!

The bottom part has a tray with my cleansing system, and a piece of LUSH soap (I can't remember which one, it might be Miranda).  There's also hooks, so I keep hair bands on one (because I always forget to take them out before I get in the shower) and a scrubbie on the other.

The final product in my shower is this bottle of Lavender Bubble Bath.  I use this in the bath, it's really nice and relaxing,  This came from Shopper's Drug Mart, and as I recall was pretty inexpensive.

And there you have it, a peek inside my shower.  Thankfully I wasn't in it!

I'll see you tomorrow with another post!


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