Saturday, 13 June 2015

That Time When I Have Strong Feelings: My Thoughts on KSI

Hello everyone.

This is actually a serious post, and I don't know exactly what I'm going to say, but I will be saying something.

I watch a lot of YouTube, and today THIS video by Theodora Lee popped up in my sub box.
***EDIT: Last I saw, this video had been made private, along with the video on the KSI channel***

She talks about how a YouTuber, KSI, made vulgar, sexual, and derogatory comments about her in a video he made with her brother.

I assumed it would be mild.  Not acceptable, but nothing too terrible.  This is YouTube after all, aren't there standards?

Apparently not.

I clicked to see the video, and after he finishes saying how he would "rail" her and other horrendous comments I felt fucking SICK.  I ended up watching a video made with Joe Sugg as well, where he talks about how Zoe is "bangable."

I physically could not watch these videos in their entirety.  I don't care if I missed him saying some other disgusting comment.  I honestly felt nauseous to the very pit of my stomach hearing him say these things.

I am not a YouTuber.  I just make videos.  And I don't pretend to know what YouTubers do when they aren't on camera.  but I sure as HELL know that what was said about women in these videos was COMPLETELY and UTTERLY unacceptable.

Women are not objects.  We are human beings.  Living, breathing beings who deserve to be treated with respect.  The presence of a uterus does NOT mean that we can be treated and talked about in such derogatory terms.  I don't care if you would "bang" some girl, you don't get to talk about her like she's a piece of meat (or the better comparison, a drum).

I can't even bring myself to repeat what was said in those videos, so I can't quote it and RIP IT TO SHREDS like I want to.  Event thinking about what KSI (or whatever his real name is) said makes me want to vomit.

Maybe, if we didn't allow these sick, perverted "role models" on the internet, the world would be a better place.  Young, impressionable boys and girls watch YouTube like it's a religion (I should know, I was/am one of them) and if they watch these videos and think that those terms are acceptable ways to talk about and treat women, then I shudder to think about how they will grow up.

Kudos to Theo for standing up for herself.  She admitted that she almost didn't, and it took a lot of strength for her to change her mind.  She is the kind of role model that YA's watching YouTube need to see, not disgusting boys parading as men such as KSI.

I'm sorry that this has nothing to do with my usual posts, but I couldn't handle this situation without venting, and my blog is the safe place where I can do that.

I don't want you to go watch the videos  on the KSI channel, because I don't want that sleeze to make any money from your views, but if you have seen the videos, please tell me what you think below.



  1. The video was disgusting. So proud of Theo. She may have privated her video but KSI's video is gone too. Totally agree

    1. I didn't realize she made her video private... I think someone (no idea who, but someone) should DO something about these pigs. Theo making a response was admirable, but there needs to be consequences or some sort of action for these people, and not just one time only :/