Saturday, 6 June 2015

Beauty Hacks? Testing: The Longer Ponytail

Hello everyone!

All over the internet I seem to see these so-called 'beauty hacks' promising to make your life and makeup routine easier and faster.  I am going to test out some of these claims to see if they're fact or... well, fiction.

Today's endeavor: making your ponytail look longer.  The post I took this from claims that by making two ponytails, one just below the other, you can make your hair look longer even though it's in an up-do.

Before and After (Pardon to lack of focus)
As you can see from the photos, I think we can prove that this hack is just that!  My hair really does look longer.  On the con side of things, I did find it tricky to hide the second ponytail that is below the first.  Definitely make it smaller than the one above it, and use hairspray once you have it in place.

The verdict? This one really does work, if you work for it.  I'd recommend this one if you're looking to make your updo look a little longer!


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