Sunday, 24 May 2015

Makeup May: Week 4 Products

We're in the home stretch everyone!

I could not get a decent photo of this to save my life.
This week for base, I'll be putting The Body Shop's Tea Tree BB Cream to the test.  I wore this a lot last summer, and I think I remember it giving me a cakey complexion, but I'll give it a shot first before I pass final judgement.

Then I have the Maybelline Fit Me blush in Deep Rose.  I have just barely hit pan on this, so I liked it enough to use that much.  Hopefully I have a winner here.

For eyes I have two shadowlinks from Revlon, in Silver and Gold.  The Revlon eyeshadows have never impressed me (I'm looking at you, week 2!), but I'll let these ones try again.

Then I have two Annabelle eyeshadows.  These do not have names unfortunately... But they will give  me an idea of what Annabelle eyeshadows are like, so I have kept them in here.

Then I have two Rimmel Apocalips, one in Big Bang and the other in Phenomenon.  I am giving these one chance to impress me before they're gone for good, I kind of regret buying them but so many people love them that I want to try one more time to make them work.

Alright, last week of this.  Hopefully I have some good results and end this series on a good note!


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