Saturday, 23 May 2015

Makeup May: Week 3 Results

The only word to describe the product testing this week is ROLLER COASTER!

That eye look is my new love, expect a tutorial in the future!
Covergirl Clean Foundation

This was an freaking disaster.

I knew the colour would be slightly off, but I figured it wouldn't be too bad, it looked very similar in shade to the foundation I tested last week.


This was ORANGE.  Horribly, horribly orange.  And it oxidized even more orange. I only wore it once, it was honestly so bad.  Plus, it STINKS!  It smells like chemical pine-scented cleaner.  And it didn't fade, I could smell it as I was taking off my makeup.


Rimmel 2 in 1 Highlighting Concealer

This was a fail for a whole other reason.  I got one use out of it and then it was empty!

The test I did get out of it was underwhelming.  It's very salmon in tone, but it didn't really cover my dark circles, and it certainly didn't highlight.  I just found it didn't do anything.  And it's really hard to tell if the tube is empty, it still looked half full when I realized there wasn't any more product to squeeze out.

Verdict: Won't be repurchasing.

GOSH Rainforest Quad

This was GREAT!  I had the lowest expectations for this, but when I was testing it out I decided to be adventurous.  In the photo of a look I did this week, I put the green all over the lid, and used the copper in the crease to blend it, and as a transition shade.  Then, I wet a square flat shading brush and used it with the blue to create a wing, and took the blue under the eye.  It's not a look everyone will like, but I added bronzed skin (I actually used a bronzer guys!) and a nude lip and HOLY MOLEY I loved how it turned out.  This will be getting a lot more use from now on!

Verdict: Big fat KEEP!

Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara

I've gotta say it, the brush on this is unnecessarily large.  I don't like huge brushes, I find them hard to control and I usually end up getting mascara all over my face.

This didn't do a lot for my lashes, it did thicken but that's really about it.  I found it clumpy, and my lashes didn't look individual, just one big slab of black. This also took forever to set.

One other thing worth mentioning is that this will run like a boss if you cry.  I find most mascaras smear a bit, but waterproof formulas are still pretty durable.  This one though, runs down your face and smears everywhere in seconds.  I discovered this while watching a very emotional episode of Full House...

Verdict: Toss.

Yet another week, this one completely underwhelming.  Hopefully next week's products are better, come back tomorrow to see what I'll be testing out!


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