Saturday, 9 May 2015

Makeup May: Week 1 Results

Hello everyone!

A week has passed and it's time to review the products I've been testing out.

Look using this week's products.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

This was surprisingly a winner for me!  At first, I thought it was going to be way too dark, but it blended into my skin quite nicely and the colour difference was minute.  I really liked how this blended, and that it really did look quite natural on my face.  This was pretty sheer, so if you like a lot of coverage this wouldn't be for you, but for me I like a sheer coverage, especially in summer.  This also wore pretty well.  I have a feeling this will be a much-used product over the summer months.

Verdict: Keep.

Physician's Formula Nude Wear Powder

Unfortunately this was a bit of a miss for me.  I really liked it in the winter, because it added glow to my skin.  Now, I'm finding it too glowy for my skin.  This is also nicer when it's just swept across bare skin, not over a foundation.

My biggest issue with this is that there are two squares that wore down quickly, and the other two are barely wearing down at all.  I think there's something wrong with it, and it isn't usable anymore.

Verdict: Toss.

Joe Fresh Modern Smokey Eye Quad

I am really glad I gave this another chance, it pleasantly surprised me.  The top two shades are very shimmery and the bottom are much less so.  I'm not a fan of the pink shimmer, but that's just my colour preference.  I love using the silver shimmer with the navy on the outer corner and in the crease.

While I find these to be a little powdery, they work for me if I use a good eyelid primer and a light hand.  I found they blended okay, and they have a medium pigmentation that can be built up.  For something I was expecting to dislike, I liked it a lot!

Verdict: Keep.

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Formula

This was... not so successful.  I tried using this to set me brows, and I found that it didn't keep my brow hairs in place, and it actually left white residue in my brows as well.  Not a good look.  I like the Maybelline Brow Drama a million times more than I like this.

Verdict: Toss.

Maybelline Electro BabyLips

I love the Maybelline Baby Lips so much, but this one was a miss for me.  I didn't mind the colour, it would look really nice with simple winged liner and glowing skin, but I found the formulation to be not as nourishing as the other Baby Lips.  It also settled in dry patches and looked uneven.  However, I did like the colour and it wasn't too bad...

Verdict: Not Sure Yet.

Rimmel Colour Rush

This was actually a really nice product!  The colour isn't great for me, but layering it with other stuff worked really nicely and even by itself I can make it work.  It did kind of settle in dry patches on the lips, but a little lip exfoliation would solve that.  This didn't bleed, had decent lasting power, and it smells GREAT!

Verdict: Keep.

That's all for Week 1 of Makeup May.  Come back tomorrow to see what products I'll be testing out next week!


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