Friday, 3 April 2015

My Favourite Coffees and Teas

Hello everyone!

Today's post is all about my favourite coffees and teas.  I am a big fan of hot drinks, and the collection of teas in my cupboard is swiftly taking over the entire shelf.  That being said, I have a few VERY clear favourites, so let's hop right in !

***Note: I realized when writing this that I really really really like Twining's and Tetley.  This was not sponsored lol***

Black Teas
I have a few black teas that I adore, but I will admit, I'm fairly picky.

The first black tea I like is Twining's Irish Breakfast.  This is perfect in my morning brewed nice and strong with a little milk and sugar.

I am a huge fan of Early Grey, but I have to say the Tetley Earl Grey with Vanilla is the best.  I've featured this in a favourites before, and I adore it.  The vanilla adds a really nice flavour and smoothness to the blend.  I add a little milk to this, and sometimes a teeny bit of sugar too.

For those of you who don't want caffeine, the Stash Chocolate Hazelnut tea is decaffeinated and it tastes AMAZING!  This is a new discovery for me, but I'm already in love.  With a little bit of milk and sugar this is an acceptable tea for all times of day

I should mention that I really like chai, but I haven't found one that is perfect for me.  With Chai, I heat up milk, brew a little hot water and make a strong, sweet base, then add the milk to make it more like a latte.

Green Teas
I drink so many different types of green tea, it's a little ridiculous.  But I only have a few that I drink on a daily basis.

My all-time forever favourite is the Tazo Zen blend.  This has really light green tea leaves, mixed with lemongrass and spearmint and it's so light and refreshing.  I drink this a lot as the weather gets nicer because I don't feel like I need a 'hearty' tea as it gets warmer (I hope that made sense...)

Then we have this Glow blend from Tetley.  This is green-tea based, but it also has grapefruit.  I really love how light and refreshing this is.  Unfortunately, it is really difficult to find, and I'm almost out so I have to start hunting for this.

My final favourite green tea is also Tetley, and it's their Figure blend.  This has cinnamon in it and it's my favourite tea to drink in the morning.  It's a little heartier than the Glow blend, and I don't put milk or sugar in this, I just drink it black.

Other Caffeinated Teas

A really nice tea to drink that's very refreshing is Jasmine tea.  It has a very heavy, floral aroma and to me it smells so soothing and comforting.  The best kind is actually found in the international foods section of my grocery store, and comes in a huge box of 100 bags.  I don't have that right now, I left it at my parent's house, but this brand is good too (I find it hard to go wrong with Jasmine tea).  This is just the Shopper's Drugmart brand, it was on sale so I bought it.

Herbal Teas

My absolute favourite herbal tea has to be Twining's Sleepytime tea.  I really do find this relaxes me at night when I'm going to bed, and the taste is nice too.  It has chamomile, lemongrass, and spearmint in it, but none overpowers another.  The flavours all go really well together.

I also adore mint tea.  I drink it a lot when I study because I don't get strung out on caffeine (especially when I don't need to be) and apparently mint helps you remember information.  Not sure if that's true, but it can't hurt to try!

Along the line of mint tea is Tetley's Mojito blend, which is mint and lime.  I adore this, but I can't find it anywhere anymore!  If you know where I can find this, TELL ME!

Little disclaimer here, I have a Keurig, not a coffee maker, so I use the K-cup pods for coffee.  That being said, you can probably get these coffee blends in grind or whole beans as well!

My favourite coffee right now is the Timothy's Rainforest Espresso blend.  This is the most fabulous coffee I have ever had.  It beats Starbucks, Tim's, everything.  The flavour is very full and smooth, but not bitter.

My other favourite coffee, which is not a surprise, is the McCafe coffee from McDonald's.  Most of you will know that I worked for the corporation for over 3 years, and early mornings I subsisted off of this stuff.  It also has a great flavour, not quite as bold as the Timothy's blend, but still very smooth.  Even though I don't work there any more, I still buy there coffee all the time!

That's it for my favourite teas and coffees.  If you want to see a full tea/coffee 'collection' or a tea cupboard tour, let me know.  I have a lot more than these ones, this is only a small portion of the teas I amassed this year!


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