Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Makeup Collection Pt. 8: Storage

We're nearly there!

This is the very last post as part of my makeup collection series!  I was going to do lip products, but I have so many that I'm going to make that into a separate post that isn't part of this series.  I'll probably do it as my favourite lip products.  Anyway, part 8 is how I store my makeup and related items.  I have a pretty good system for it, or at least one that works for me, so let's jump right in!

My main storage is in this dresser.  I have a standing mirror on top to do my makeup and it's right by a window for good, natural lighting.  I just cleared it off a few weeks ago because I thought it was a little bit too cluttered looking.  Other than cotton rounds, a candle, and makeup brush cleaner, there isn't much on here.

Now on to the storage.

The top two drawers are dedicated to makeup storage.  They aren't full, but damn are they organized!  I've put in rubber coated cutlery organizers so they don't move around, and they're the perfect size with the perfect number of spaces.

The drawers are kind of organized based on how I do my makeup.

In the left hand drawer, we have foundation, BB creams, and primers in the back. Then, from left to right, we have blushes, powders and bronzers, small eyeshadow palettes (trios, quads, etc.), and eye liners.

Then in the right hand drawer, there's a red Lancome makeup bag that I put the products I use everyday in, just so they're handy to pull out and ready to be carried around if I go away for the weekend.

In the organizer, we have lipsticks, glosses/liners/liquid lipsticks, mascara and brow products, and single eye shadows (with a spare primer in the back there).

Around the outer edges of the drawers, where the organizers don't meet, I keep my larger palettes.  This way they're all visible, but are still organized.  I don't have any stacked on top of each other.  There are also a few spare products there too, like face creams.

The only other piece of storage I have is a set of white plastic drawers where I keep my makeup brushes, tape, extra sponges, extra cotton pads, and some empty LUSH containers I need to take back.

The dresser itself I refinished as a DIY project last summer.  I have a post on that if you want to check it out HERE.

Aaaand that's a wrap!  I hope you enjoyed my collection posts, they were a lot of work (and were supposed to be done two months ago... oops!) but they were also a ton of fun.  Stay tuned for new posts in a couple of days!

Until next time,

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