Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Babbling Book Review: Death's Acre

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This semester, I took an Osteology class, and anyone who knows anything about forensics won't be surprised that we talked about the legendary Dr. William Bass.  He pioneered the forensics movement and revolutionized our understandings of taphonomic processes (what happens to a body after death occurs) at his facility in Tennessee, nicknamed The Body Farm.

This book, Death's Acre, was written by Dr. Bass about the events that lead to the creation of The Body Farm, and how the process began and developed.  It's incredibly interesting and informative, but it definitely isn't dry.  I read this in a weekend.

Now, I have to say that anyone with weak stomachs might want to avoid this.  It's not too graphic, but the processes of bodily decay are outlined (I personally chose to skip the picture section).

That being said, the book is amazing.  Dr. Bass talks about different cases he and his students worked on, and how those lead him to create new projects and experiments.  And he is an engaging author, this doesn't read like a textbook.  If anything, it reads more like a novel.

If you are interested even remotely in this topic, give it a read.  My prof recommended it to our class, and now I'll be recommending it to everyone.

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