Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Makeup Collection Part 7: Eye Liners

Hello and welcome back to my makeup collection series!

Today's post is all about eyeliner.  I admit, I have a serious problem when it comes to eyeliner.  I have so many!  But on a daily basis, I tend to wear black or brown.  I have fun, coloured eyeliners but I don't use them regularly, especially in the winter.

Let's jump in shall we?

Neutral Eyeliners
I'm very picky about my eyeliners.  When I find one I like, I toss the others and only repurchase the good one.

My favourite brand for eyeliners is Annabelle.  I have the colours Brownie and Black.  These are the smoothest, creamiest, and most pigmented eyeliners I have ever bought from the drugstore.  These don't have even a hint of shimmer in them either, so they're perfect.  They also last for ages, and are super easy to blend out and make smudgy/smoky.

I also really like the Rimmel Kohl Kajals, which you will see throughout this post.  Their eyeliner in 003 Brown is really nice.  It has a hint of shimmer running through it, and is more of a bronze shade than a deep brown.  It's not as long lasting, but it is still really nice.

Another neutral shade is the Rimmel Kohl Kajal in 005 Nude.  This is prefect for the waterline and it really does last all day.  I find that applying one layer, letting it sit, and then sealing it with another layer is the perfect way to apply it.

Coloured Eyeliners
Now on to coloured liners.

I actually have two GOSH liners in Golden Moss.  I have no idea why, and I'm fairly sure I didn't buy either... They might be hand-me-downs from my mom.  Regardless, I really like these.  I don't wear green a lot, but when I do this has the perfect shade to compliment my eyes.  There is a good amount of shimmer in there too, but it's still incredibly creamy and blendable.  And, it lasts all day.

I have a similar shade from Bonne Bell in the shade Black Olive.  I don't really like this, honestly, I wanted to give it a try but I'm not impressed.  It's a little too hard in formulation, and it doesn't smudge or last very well.

I have two more Rimmel Kohl Kajals in this section.  I have no idea why I bought 008 Light Blue, I really don't.  It's incredibly pretty, but I'm not sure when I wore it/will wear it again...

The 010 Silver shade is really nice for brightening up the eyes.  I've really likes wearing it in the inner corners of my eyes, or using a little bit under winged liner to make it pop.

My final coloured liner is my only high-end liner.  It's the Estee Lauder Automatic Eye Pencil Duo in Hyacinth Sky.  This is double-ended, but both ends are the exact same shade.  It's pretty, and I've actually used this quite a bit for what it is.  The grey undertones make it a lot more wearable.  It's very creamy, and definitely easy to apply.  I would recommend these eye liners, although I think there are plenty of drugstore options that are just as good.

Liquid Eyeliners
Now on to liquid liners.

I have one black liquid liner that I absolutely swear by, and that's the L'Oreal Lineur Intense liner in Carbon Black.  This makes winged liner so easy, and it lasts for the entire day.  I have a backup in my makeup storage because I can tell this one is almost used up.

Then I have these three liners from Hard Candy.  I did a full review of these in the summer, which I'll link HERE.  These are really pigmented, and last forever.  However, they are stupidly difficult to remove, and application isn't the easiest.  For what they are though, I like them.  They're cheap and fun.

So that's it for my eyeliners! Let me know in the comments if there's one that you think I NEED to try, I love experimenting and finding new products!

xoxo Laura

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