Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What I Got for Christmas 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back to a brand new year!

Now that I'm back at school and have my camera again, I thought I'd get my "What I Got for Christmas" post up!  I did one of these last year, and it went down well.  So here I am, back for another go!  I love watching people's videos and reading their posts about what they got, so please share your gifts in the comments!

I'm going to start with the gift I got from my Secret Santa.  Not gonna lie, I've had this gift since November because my roommates and our friend Marina did our exchange before exams.

Anyway, my roommate Laura was my Secret Santa and she got me such an amazing gift!  She bought me a St. Ives gift set in the Shea and Oatmeal scent.  There's a body wash, body lotion, spray on lotion, mask/facial scrub and a little orange shower pouff in the set.  I LOVE this, I think it is such an amazing gift.  I have used the body wash every single time I've showered since I got it, which is really unusual, I like to mix up my shower gels usually.  The lotion is so good, it almost instantly fixed the chronic dry skin I have on my legs, and the spray lotion is the best solution for lazy people like me who usually forget to moisturize (although I have been much better!)  The scrub is also great, it's not as harsh as the last St. Ives scrub I had, and I always feel so fresh after I use it.

Laura also gave me a hair mask and an EOS hand cream.  I haven't used the mask yet, I'm saving it for something special, but I have used the hand cream and let me say it smells freaking great!  Thanks again Laur if you read this <3

My neighbors, who are the nicest people in the world, gave me a little gift set.  This is super cute, and I love the scent!  I haven't heard about this brand, but I think it's a local thing.  I'll try and find out!

From my boyfriend, I got some really nice gifts.  He gave me three jar candles from Bath & Body Works because he knows how much I love them!  He also got me a box of tea that his family really likes, Celestial's Bengal Spice tea.

He also bought me tickets to go and see 5 Seconds of Summer in August. This wasn't strictly a Christmas present, since he couldn't get them until after Christmas, but I thought I'd include it here anyway.  It was really thoughtful of him, and I'm so excited to go see them live!

On to my gifts from my parents.  They got me some really nice things this year, practical things too!

The highlight was probably this Crock Pot.  I love cooking, and this is gonna be great for making healthy, home-cooked meals when I'm in a rush (and I have a really busy semester!) Plus, it's super pretty!

Left to Right: Tea Cozy, LUSH Bath Bomb Gift Set
Left to Right: Owl Pillow, Starbucks Travel Mug, Owl Ornament
I got a few random things as well, as collaged above.  Some of these were in my stocking and some were wrapped and under the tree.  My mom actually made the tea cozy because she knew I didn't have one and no one likes cold tea!  And then, of course, everyone fed into my owl obsession (which we thought had culminated with my owl lamp.  We were wrong.)

These are the clothing items I received as gifts this year.  I actually love getting clothes for Christmas, does that make me weird?!  The sweater was a gift from my mom, and the two hats were from my aunt (she knit them herself!)  The two pairs of pumps were from my parents.  I wore the red ones to see The Nutcracker after Christmas, and the black ones are to replace the pair I've had for 5 years that have completely worn through.

I got a few books for Christmas, but I'm just going to mention here that I got Grace's Guide!  I loved it, let me know if I should do a Babbling Book Review for it!  In true Grace fashion, it's both hilarious and yet somehow helpful and comforting.  I read it in 2 days.

The final gift I want to include is this photo.  I went and bought the frame for it after Christmas, because it's kind of special.  It's a picture of my Nana when she was about my age.  You can't tell in the picture I took, but she looks EXACTLY like me.  Even my friends thought it was a black and white picture of me at first.  Since she's gone, this is very special to me <3

So that's my Christmas Gifts from 2014, I hope you enjoyed it!  I have a post-Christmas haul coming up too, and a little blurb about what I did on my break, so stay tuned for those!


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