Saturday, 3 January 2015

15 Things to Do in 2015

15 Things to Do in 2015

1) Revamp my blog.  I really want to spend a weekend re-doing the layout and overall design to make it more user-friendly.  I'm already planning this, so the specifics are a secret for now, but I hope to have this done by the end of February.

2) Discover new places. I've lived in Waterloo for a year and a half, and I feel like I've hardly explored at all.  In 2015 I want to discover more of the city I live in.

3) Branch out.  I've already started to do this.  I want to try blogging about new things.  I started as a makeup blog, but I have so many other passions.  I want to incorporate those things into my blog too, not just beauty and makeup.

4) Take more pictures.  I have a beautiful camera, I want to take it with me and use it more!

5) Send more letters. I want to send more letters the "old fashioned" way i.e. with stamps (anyone remember those?)  I hate emails, and who doesn't get excited when they get a letter addressed to them in the mailbox? I've got a penpal in Australia who will probably receive most of the letters I'll send (Hi, Sarah!)

6) Go on walks.  I walk everywhere, but rarely go on walks just because.  I want to go on more walks!  I should bring my camera with me!

7) Exercise to relieve stress.  This is a habit I need to get back into.  It beats being a walking ball of stress all the time.

8) Watch a TV series.  I'm not much of a TV person, and I only watch the occasional movie.  My boyfriend and I have started watching Bones, and want to get through the whole series together.  For me, I'm leaning towards either Criminal Minds or House. If you want to recommend something, let me know in the comments!

9) Create. Be it memories, artwork, or anything between.

10) Finish my scrapbook.  This ties into #9.  I have a scrapbook trapped somewhere in limbo, I really want to finish it!

11) Cook more. I love cooking, but I'm incredibly lazy.  I also find that if I cook, I have so much leftover it goes bad.  Inviting the boyfriend over solves that, so I really want to cook more.

12) Play with  makeup.  I looked over my posts for 2014 and found I had done very few tutorials and F.O.T.D.s.  2015 will be bringing a whole lot more of those hopefully!

13) Complete my MAC palette.  I only need 6, so that's totally realistic to do in 12 months. (Recommend me colours please!)

14) Get my G license.  That may or may not make sense to everyone reading this.  If it doesn't make sense to you, it basically means I want to get the last stage of my driver's license (we do it differently in parts of Canada, it's a graduated licensing system).

15) Try new things.  This seems like a cop out, like I ran out of ideas.  But I don't know what opportunities will appear this year.  I want to say yes to all of them, and be more adventurous.  There are a few things lurking in the shadows, and as long as everything plays out I will be sharing those adventures with you!

That's all from me, stay tuned for new posts in the New Year!  And leave ideas of posts you would like to see in the comments below!

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