Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide for Him

It's that time of year!

Christmas is slowly sneaking up on us once again, and people across the world are stressing out over what gifts to buy their loved ones.  This year, I have created a nifty little guide to hopefully help you find the perfect gift.

This is Part 1, gifts for the men and boys in your life.  Part 2 will be for the women and girls, and Part 3 will be a guide for buying for University students.  Let's hop right in!

There are a couple things here in the realm of personal care.  First is this awesome shaving kit from The Body Shop.  This retails for $35, but the products are a generous size, and it has a great shaving brush included.  It also helps children to get educations, read more about that HERE.  If you are looking to purchase this, click HERE and order online! (Side note: they also have a matching wash bag, for only $10)

Sephora also has a great collection of men's fragrances.  The kit retails for $45 and contains 5 deluxe samples of popular, well-known men's fragrances.  This is a great gift for men who like cologne, and these are definitely not Axe body spray! (Which needs to be annihilated.)

In the slightly more boring realm, these T-Max Heat socks from Mark's Work Warehouse are FABULOUS!  They have fluff in the inside and keep your feet so incredibly warm.  You can wear them as socks inside, but if you wear them outside your feet will never be cold, I promise.  They're really well priced too, at less than $12 a pair for all styles.

Now.  This is a gift idea that I personally want.  Very much.  Just this month, the new Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire came out.  They retail for $50 each, a little more expensive than usual, but if the guy you're buying for is/was a Pokemon fan, this is an excellent gift to buy.

Of course, if your man likes a nice drink every once in awhile, he may not always buy something good quality for himself.  That is my last gift idea for guys (and actually, I'm following my own advice and getting this for my father).  Yes, this is expensive, but it's a nice treat and hell, he might need it to make it through all the family time!

That's all for this gift guide, my one for ladies will be going up later this week!


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