Monday, 15 December 2014

Brittany's Prom 2.0

Hey everyone!

My friend and roommate Brittany recently went to Prom 2.0 with her boyfriend, it was event held through his university residence.  She asked me to do her hair and makeup, and wore her prom dress from Grade 12, and with her permission I'm posting the pictures I took of her beautiful self just before she left.  Enjoy!

For hair, I blow dried it with a little bit of Alberto heat protectant run through.  Then I curled in 1 inch sections away from the face around the barrel of a curling wand and used the Aussie hairspray to hold them in place.

For makeup, I used a very light amount of foundation to even out the skin tone, added in a teensy bit of colour with the essence blush in adorable, then gave her a dark smokey eye and a natural lip.

Doesn't she look so nice?! If you want to see another post with Brit, we did an O.O.T.D. at the beginning of the year that you can see HERE.

Hope you enjoyed this!  It wasn't my first time doing someone else's makeup, but since it actually mattered this time I thought it was worth sharing.  I really enoyed it, and love that Brit trusted me enough to play with her face :P (and she even let me put eyeliner on her waterline!!!  What a trooper!)

Until next time!


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