Friday, 7 November 2014

Winter Makeup Refresh (Mini Haul)

Hey everyone!

With the arrival of the cold winter months, I've done a teeny refresh of my makeup collection, just to add some new pieces.  It's not much of a haul, but it's a little glimpse into what I like to switch up from November on.

The only non-beauty item I picked up was this Lavender bubble bath from Bath Retreat.  You all know I love my LUSH, but there  isn't one in my city so I had to come up with a compromise.  Lavender is super soothing and relaxing, so I love it for the winter months.  Hot bath and lavender bubbles? Yes please!

On to beauty.

EOS has really been on-point lately with their lipbalms.  I picked up a Coconut Milk flavoured one from the Visibly Soft line, and love it to death.  When I was in Shopper's Drugmart I saw that they have a new trio out.  I believe this is called the "A Ray of Holiday Sunshine" trio (something like that).  Inside, the three flavours are Pink Grapefruit, Strawberry Kiwi, and Orange Blossom.

I know these don't seem like very winter-y flavours, but who doesn't like a hint of tropical in the winter? Plus, I will never have horrible, chapped lips with these!  These are about $10, so grab them while they're still around!

$5.60 (on sale)
Also on the subject of lips, I bought a new Maybelline Colour Whisper.  This one is in the shade 85 Berry Ready.  I love these because they're super creamy and moisturizing, and give a nice wash of colour.  They aren't meant to be incredibly pigmented, but I find them to have more pigmentation than a tinted lip balm.

I bought (yet another) essence blush as well.  You all know I rave about these, I just wish they had more colours to choose from!  The one I bought for winter is 10 adorable.  It's a really soft, light pink, which will be great for a hint of colour when I'm really pale.

$8.50 (on sale)
I've also been working through my old mascaras, using them up or throwing out old ones, so I bought myself a new one.  The Volum Express The Falsies mascara by Maybelline is by far the best mascara I have ever used in terms on lengthening, volumizing, and lasting power.  I love that it has a little brush for my bottom lashes too, it really helps prevent black marks under the eyes.  It'll be nice to start winter with a new mascara!

The very last thing I bought is actually a beauty tool. I broke my eyelash curlers in September and just couldn't be bothered getting new ones.  I was in Winners and these ones were only $6 and they do an amazing job!  I like that they have a spring, it gives an amazing curl, way better than my old ones.  In the winter, I tend to go for mascara and not a lot else to look more awake, so these will be great for making me look more alert on grey winter mornings.

That's all for my very small winter haul. I hope you enjoyed, I'll see you soon with more posts!


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